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Finally finished throwing together my French composition. I hope there aren’t too many errors. But I didn’t have time to start my essay, so I’m going to have to rush through that tomorrow afternoon since I work tomorrow night.

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I have a French exam today (that I forgot to study for so I’ll probably bomb), then I also have 4 assignments and a composition due the 1st, along with an English essay due the 2nd, then a sociology project due the 6th, and an exam on the 10th. Them my psychology exam on the 16th, and an art paper on the 20th.


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I have zero energy, I’m very sore, and I had a 4 hour nap soon after I woke up today.
but I’m not sure why exactly because I mean I will be starting my period soon, but I’m also in one of the lowest lows I’ve even been in, so I’m not sure which is causing it.

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June 13th, 2013.
That was the last time I hurt myself.

I’ve been relatively clean since then. And by that I mean that I’ve found ways outside of razors and lighters to be self destructive.

But I’m feeling so low lately that my accomplishment is seeming to slip away from me.

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