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Okay I really love the Halloween and Christmas seasons but the winter here is so fucking depressing. We have maybe 5 hours of sunlight at most, and usually 4-5 feet of snow, and it lasts for 6+ months. I’m falling back into depression just thinking about the weather that’s coming.

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One of my best friends watched her house as it became engulfed in flames, this past saturday. The fire destroyed most of her home and essentially all of her family’s belongings. It’s still being investigated on the exact cause of the fire, and if any insurance with be able to help them.

I feel so incredibly sad for her, and especially her mother; A single mother of two kids, one who will be going off to university (hopefully), and a 9 year old confused by the situation.

As soon as I seen and heard just how severe the damage was, I ached for her. I can’t imagine that amount of pain. But she is so strong because she is able to talk about it without breaking down. She is so fucking strong.

In order to help her in any way we can, a best friend of ours and I have decided to take her on a shopping spree, considering the only clothing she has is what she wore running away from the flames, and a few things picked up to tide over.

If you can, please send out a prayer, or positive energy, for my best friend. She really could use it right now.

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It still shocks me how expensive college/university is in the states.

Like it will cost me just around 20k to get my full 4 YEAR degree, and I already have enough money saved up for my first year, without my scholarships included, because it’s only 5k.

Not no 60k for 1 year, that’s messed up. No wonder lots of people don’t move on to post secondary, I don’t blame them.

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I’m usually fairly sexually attracted to guys but I’m not sure if I’m romantically attracted to them and idk sexual identities are hard and even though I don’t need to have it all figured out it can still be very unsettling to not know how I feel

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I hope that someday someone will find me as attractive and desirable as I find many people. Because at this point I don’t see myself the way I see others, but I’m working on it.

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