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So it turns out I’ve qualified for $900 dollars from my combined marks in grade 10 and 11 through the Rutherford Scholarship, and I still could earn more for this year. And I should get $700 for having 30 extra graduating credits. So that’s $1600 that I really didn’t have to do much more. I mean I’ve worked my ass off in school and it’s paying off but still. I’m super pumped to get that money.

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I was cuddling a stuffed animal earlier and it smelt like my cat for a moment. But when I tried to find the scent again, it was gone. I really miss her so much and remembering her scent just broke me.

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I’m completely freaking out rn because I have a chem unit exam and a social unit exam tomorrow and I haven’t had time to study for either because I have a AP english unit project due tomorrow. I’m freaking out. I’m going to fail my exams and my project isn’t even finished. I can feel a panic attack coming on and I just need someone to hold my hand and tell me I’m okay because I’m not in a good place right now.

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