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I’ve been working a lot lately like I’m doing about 32 hours a week, so I’m already tired and my friends are trying to make me be social, so I’ve been out with them almost every night until around 2 am.
Being socially involved and having a near full time job is exhausting.

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There’s this girl I used to go to school with who is a year older than me and I’m like totally attracted to her and she doesn’t have her “interested in” on facebook at all so I’m going to assume she’s gay

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Idk I just have a lot of thoughts and emotions tonight. Like I’m seriously craving attention and affection and idk I just want a steamy forbidden relationship of some kind.

And then I’m also thinking about how I haven’t hurt myself in such a long time simply because I’m tired of getting scars. Not because i don’t want to or because I’m truly recovering but because I’m scared of what people will think if they see. And I’ve done enough damage for others to see. I want to be able to wear bikini bottoms without wearing something over them. So I guess that’s why I’ve started to hurt myself in ways that don’t leave physical scars.

Idk I’m p messed up tonight I should just try to sleep.

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so I’m sitting here being pissed off about the fact that I’m on my period, so I decided to do a couple calculations.

Let’s say that if a person were to spend 45 years of their life menstruating, (a estimated amount before entering menopause) and they had their period for approximately a week long, every month, every year, how many years would they mentruate?

12 weeks = 3 months
3 months a year x 45 years = 135 months
135 months divided by 12 months = 11.25 years.


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Learning to close was super easy like I’ll probably have zero problems with it after tomorrow night’s walk-through again.

Which really makes me wonder why I only get to have the position temporarily while the new key holder is gone (and she has only been working with us for about 2 months), when I have nearly 2 years of experience with the company.

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