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Top 5 Brainy Moments (full series)

In no particular order! (I chose so many from s8 and I didn’t mean to!)

  • "I counted." - In Bloodlust Sam is taken and blindfolded, but he’s so quick on his feet he doesn’t miss a beat. Not being able to see where he’s being taken doesn’t stop him from figuring out a basic idea of where the vamps are. When he tells Dean it’s about 4 and a half minutes away, Dean asks “How do you know?” to which Sam replies “I counted.” I mean, obviously… if you’re as smart as, Sam, that is. I think this type of braininess is my favorite, in Sam. Where he is still so good under pressure, he surprises you with what he’s able to do. It’s the same brand of braininess that had him using the voicemail exorcism in 9.17. 
  • Computer Skills - This is something that I had to use two different moments for because I wanted to show that Sam has always been and still is impressive with a computer. From being able to hack a password in under 30 minutes in s2 to being able to pin point Kevin Tran’s exact location with nothing more than a tiny detail from a photo in s8, Sam’s still got it. 
  • Scribe of God Symbol - One thing that’s always impressed me is Sam’s ability to remember tiny details that no human should ever be able to place. I almost used this Satanist symbol scene as my example because Dean tells Sam that’s why Sam is still single which I cackle about bc UM NO SAM’S BRAIN IS HOT. But the most impressive example of this is in 8.22, when Sam notices a symbol that Metatron uses on the tablets and recognizes it from classes he took nearly 8 years prior. Not only is that incredible on its own, but Sam is also nearly out of his mind tired with the Trials. Then on top of that, by identifying that one rune, they are able to pin-point who to confront (Metatron), and where to find him. UNBELIEVABLE. 
  • Library of Congress - This is yet another example of Sam’s awesome memory and attention to detail. By seeing just a number scrawled out on a slip of paper he not only is able to identify where they need to go, the Library of Congress, but in what part of it they need to start looking. Even Dean is impressed at the end of this scene. 
  • And the 5% Wyoming tax?” - I love the Trans tag-teaming with Sam to shut this shady shop employee down. The two start going off about state taxes with a whole lot of math then, to Dean’s surprise, Sam jumps in rattling off numbers, too. It’s hilarious and great, and Dean is kind of left standing in the back slightly surprised and confused. 

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